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Technical Report Draft 2

1. Transmittal Letter

Wendy Gwee SIT Estate Singapore Institute of Technology 10 Dover Drive Singapore 138682

Dear Ms Gwee,

RE: Proposal to implement seat occupancy detection mobile application

I am Poh Cheron, a first year student from the Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering programme at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). I am tasked to do a project along with two other students to develop Singapore in a manner that benefits its citizens as by our lecturer, Mr. Brad Blackstone. As a current student, I do realize that many students faced the problem of circling among 2 canteens, namely Canopy and iEat, in search of a vacant seat during lunch time.

Attached to this email is a detailed report which consists of a description of the current situation, the rationale behind the proposed solution, an evaluation of the benefits and a summary of all related primary and secondary research involved. If you have further queries, you may wish to contact me at 9756-3378 or my fellow colleagues C…

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