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Dear Professor Brad, 
Being the youngest in the family, I have always looked up to my older siblings as my role models. My siblings are carefree, outgoing and cheerful, therefore they are very easy to talk to and many would love spending time with them. Having to live under the same roof, it is inevitable that I am influenced by them. 
With the traits gotten from my siblings, I have sharpened my communication and networking skills. It has enabled me to easily engage in conversations with people from different walks of life and hence, many friendships were forged. Being sociable and outgoing are strengths that I have nurtured and it has enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and realize the importance of communication.

One flaw that I am trying to change is being too nice thus being taken advantage of. There are times where I could not bring myself to reject another person’s request even though it puts me at a disadvantage. As such, I do find myself lacking in terms of communication as…

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